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Ya’ll come on down.

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I should like to extend a formal invite to all you Runers.

Come visit me this weekend in Southeast Florida, right on the coast at the Jupiter Inlet. There will be lots of room for everyone because this whole area is under a mandatory evacuation order.

Together we can sit in the sand and be the first to see the ten to eighteen foot tidal storm surge. If anyone survives they will have marvelous stories to share with their physical therapists.

Ya’ll come now!
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Thanks for the invite, but you take plenty of pics and post them for us to see. Here in the midwest this summer we've had tornadoes and big hail,
it's your turn mr. hey look at me I live in the subtropics, it's time for you
all to pay your dues! I think I'll go to Kentucky instead!
But please make sure you get that Rune to higher ground, oh yeah and yourself too! :)

Isn't there a big hurricane coming to south east Florida? Just think of all the water.
Chuck and all Floridians
You are all welcome to come to BEAUTIFUL Howell N.J.
But seriously, I wish you all safety and may God protect. Be careful out there :!:
I'm out!

I'll enjoy the weekend here in Amelia Island.

My home, and my office are on the coast in Plam Beach. I hope they are there when I return Monday.

If not I'm moving to New Jersey!
There goes the neighborhood. But at least Mc Greevey will be happy!!
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