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Yamaha MT-01

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Now this is one hot looking motorcycle! Yamaha just introduced this for EUROPE ONLY. What a bummer.

It looks like Honda has shown the rest of the Japanese manufacturers that it's OK to introduce something that is DIFFERENT and UNIQUE!

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That's a V-Max on steroids! I'm sure it's eye poppin fast!
that bike was on the board and in the press, LONG

before the Rune, so the Rune didn't inspire or provoke that bike in any way.

Being a V-Max (highly modified) owner, I know it was a topic of somewhat heated discussion for a time on the V-Max list's as to whether it was a successor. Somewhat surprised it actually is being produced, maybe not so coincidentally with the 20th anniversary of the V-Max (though it definitely is NOT a V-Max) has long been rumored that there would be a special anniv. model here in the US. If that is a Europe-only release, it sucks for us here stateside. :(

I see it more like the Suzuki B-King (different powerplant of course) but similar in concept, the B-King a steroidal Busa streetfighter, which I'd buy in a minute if produced like the supercharged Hayabusa concept.

With declining worldwide sales in sportbikes, an established history of the street-fighter genre with the almost fanatical aftermarket/modded V-Max following in Europe, especially France, the introduction of the MT-01 in Europe first makes sense.

The motorcycle industry as a whole is searching to infuse the market, with products more in line to an aging consumer base, that appreciates/demands style, "uniqueness", and the look of-or ability to customize and personalize their bikes/cars etc, along with performance. Performance alone does not necessarily guarantee sales. Sportbikes are so good, so fast, so capable, yet the market is soft. Everyone of them is so close in performance and overall looks they don't seem as special as they truly are....and thus witness the burgeoning CUSTOM sport bike craze.

So maybe in a sense Shawn you are right. Honda makes a move with the Rune (arguably poorly marketed), Yamaha the MT-O1, Suzuki the B-King,
Honda shows the VTX1800 (VERY cool, please produce!), reflecting an exciting time for us all.

It is great!
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