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Here is a link to the Valkrie Riders Club to Yosemite CA, actual meeting place is Mariposa CA about 40 miles from the Arch Rock entrance, June 4-6, 2004 ... e/home.htm

The listed hotel on the link is sold out. I suggest booking a local room through one of the online hotel/travel services like

I've completed my ride registration and am booked at the Comfort Inn.

Looking forward to seeing other Rune riders there. :mrgreen:

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Hi Steven, nothing happened j am busy with work before leaving to Los Angeles.
J already registered into the new board. not yet the time to mouve into this new system of board.
Last news for my departure. Cruise america only yesterday night informed me they do not have a goldwing available. (after three weeks contact :twisted: ) now j am in contact with other two and j hope to settle the rental before night. j do not want to come to Yosemite riding an Harley.
Flights & hotel are confirmed. at yosemite j reserved at best western.
j get the reply from windvest and as soon as j know the address where to rent the bike j order to delivere there.
thanks and waiting for our meeting.
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