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You Should Have Seen Their Faces - Honda Homecoming

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Hey Guys! It's been an exciting couple of days here at the Homecoming! And I appreciate you all putting up with me reporting from here. As a real rider of the most awesome limited edition production should see the look on the people at the Homecoming when they see us coming in the parking lot! Heck, we're giving mini seminars to each person that walks by and wants to hear it roar! We even had people from the plant come out yesterday when we lined them all up and you should have seen their reaction. It was awesome. I hope that next year we're able to get an even larger amount of you guys out to experience what we've seen over the past few days. I've had some great riding buddies from our group over the week and the workers at the plant are incredibly friendly and happy to see the Runes.I look forward to seeing each one of you maybe sometime in the future at other events around the country!
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Hope your trip home was a safe one. The good times spent with you and the other Rune riders went by too quickly. Maybe next year Honda will make a parking section for "RUNES ONLY" so it will be easier to hook up with everyone :!: Gene and I made it home happy and DRY.
Take very good care
Rich K. ( Rune Ski )
maybe next year i can convince the InZane staff to move the InZane 'away' from the dates of the Homecoming. Since they were back to back weeks....most folks couldn't spend two weeks vacation to go to most, had to chose between one or the other. We had about the same amount of Runes from the board at InZane (9) ....and all of them but one (i think) couldn't do the Homecoming too. perhaps if they were split up with a few more weeks between them, maybe some of us could do both.

the InZane is specifically for Valks and if given the choice between the two, i've got to go with it. I've done the Homecoming three times...always in conjunction with the old InZane when it was in Zanesville, OH. once you've seen the plant three kind of hard to get psyched to go back again :wink: the Homecoming is ok....but the InZane is geared more toward providing events, vendors and activities JUST for us Valks/Runes. Where as the Homecoming is more of a 'generic' Honda flavor.

that's the one thing i do miss about having the InZane together the same week with Homecoming and nearly at the same place (like it was the past three years in Zanesville) could do BOTH of these great rallies SIMULTANEOUSLY. That was the way to do it!

I hate that 9 of us chose the InZane....and it sounds like a similar number chose the Homecoming. Too bad we couldn't have done one of them ALL TOGETHER! Maybe next year......

Oh, notice the 05 models are being posted on the Honda web site. No 05 Rune so far :twisted:
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RedValk said:
Oh, notice the 05 models are being posted on the Honda web site. No 05 Rune so far :twisted:
Hey Redvalk, you should know no manufacturer announce existing models in advance for obvious reasons (alienating sales of current model). STOP DREAMING MAN <he he>; there'll be '05s. Few due to low demand but will. Do you have your 'eat crow' statement drafted already? You're a few weeks from needing it. Just having friendly fun with you.
Hope everybody enjoyed the weekend.
you better hope you guys are right....cause if ya' aint....i'm never gonna' let you hear the end of it. 8) all the times in the past that rumors like this floated around...i USUALLY just bit my tongue. or if i did say something....and i was just about always right when it came to Rune rumors, i didn't rub it in...i just let the other guys off the hook.

i'm still saying loud and clear....NO NEW 05 model. MAYBE a few 04 models can be ordered. But no new models. No new colors. No new features. Just the same old 04s...probably already built at the factory....waiting desperately to be shipped to some dealer in need. but most dealers are sitting on Runes. Troy,AL, a black one sitting there since December. Dothan, AL, two red ones sitting there since December. I could go on and on. and that's just in my area. i'm sure others can tell of LOTS of Runes sitting around at their repsective dealers....wanting a home.

Read my lips....NO 05s.....just some left over 04 models...or MAYBE they'll make you an 04 if a dealer needs one and doesn't want to get one from another dealer desperate to get rid of one.

That's STILL my story...and I'm stickin to it. but your comment about 05s don't fly...go look on the Honda web site....lots of 05 models already listed. Go look on Yamaha's site....lots of 05s already listed.

Come to think of it....i bought my 04 Rune...August 9 of 2003. the 04s were already out by July of 03. Nah, no 05s. I'm even more sure of it now :!:

hmmmm....9 August, next Monday will be my one year anniversary! Better take her out to eat....treat her special that night :lol:
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